Local boy Burns does Scotland proud after beating Joseph Laryea to retain championship

Scotland’s very own Ricky Burns retained his WBO super-featherweight title after defeating Ghanaian Joseph Laryea in Glasgow, with a technical stoppage. Burns won it in the 7th round when Laryea had to concede due to a hand injury.

 It proved to be a tricky fight for Burns, as Laryea dominated the early stages and in the 4th round landed the better of the punches, frustrating the Scot. However, Burns stuck in and began to show why he’s champion and landed a few jabs of his own, before the match was cut short because of Laryea’s injury, thought to be a broken knuckle.

Burns was strong favourite before the match and was pleased with his performance on the night. He told sky sports: “I was enjoying the fight although I knew he was going to be difficult and awkward.”

“I noticed he was getting uncomfortable at the end there and I’m pleased with my performance. Things just keep better for me and I’m starting to get used to all the attention.”


So, Burns is doing a great job of representing Scotland and continues to improve with every fight. As he says, he is getting used to all the media attention, so lets hope he can keep grounded and continue to win championships.

Next up: Mzonke Fana

There has already been talk of Ricky Burns’ next fight. It has been touted it will be a unification match with the South African Mzonke Fana, who currently holds the IBF championship. This looks to be his last fight at this division, before moving up to lightweight.

Burn’s is hoping that the fight will be held at the Broomfield stadium in his home town Airdrie. He told the Daily Record: “Airdrie stadium would be ideal. Its’ only five minutes from my house and if we could get that packed out of 14 or 15 thousand it would be perfect.”

Having not watched boxing a lot, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing a fellow Scot do so well on the big stage, flying the flag for the country. And with it going well so far, hers hoping he can keep it up and give us all something to be proud of.

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