Rangers win cup as players are on best behaviour

3 reds, 11 yellows, countless arrests and a government inquiry. Yes, it was that match that sparked mayhem which led to the police and First Minister to hold a summit meeting.

Squaring-up: Neil Lennon and Ally McCoist after last Old firm game

So, this League Cup Final between Celtic and Rangers was eagerly awaited by all, but for the wrong reasons.

Having been spoken to by Strathclyde police before the match, both Celtic and Rangers cooperated and competed in a fantastic final, which should be talked about for its footballing reasons only.

Walter Smith’s side won the match 2-1 after extra-time, lifting the first cup of the season.

Despite there being a red card for a professional foul, this was a rather tame affair compared to the last match but was enjoyed just as much. The football on show was good, especially in the first half. Both teams were attacking, creating an end-to-end match, providing a great spectacle for all.

However, I would like to question if this match will be talked about as much as the last one. The government was quick to criticise the scenes of a few weeks ago. A summit was then called, which seen the press cover the story for a few weeks leaving a dark cloud over Scottish football.

Here’s a video to give you a quick reminder of the summit outcome…


In my opinion, the fall-out from the last old firm game was an over-reaction which portrayed Scottish football in a bad light. So, hopefully this final showed that the event s that took place a few weeks ago were a one-off.

But will the teams and fans be praised? As of yet, no. The government are always quick to blame, but this final was played in a good spirit and should be noticed by all as a great spectacle.

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