Bank holiday Old Firm game?

Every blog I seem to write about the old firm, it’s not actually about their football but either the government, the SFA or violence.

So, I want to change that…but unfortunately I can’t, as plans to have the last old firm game of the season on a bank holiday are being discussed.

 If anyone doesn’t remember the last time that happened, here you go..


 I think you will all agree that these scenes from the  fans were unacceptable and no-one wants to see this again, but what fuelled this chaos was the fact it was a title decider. It seems like this year the title could go down to the last old firm, which could spell trouble. Celtic and Rangers are evenly matched at the moment, making the scheduling for this game really difficult, as the police want to avoid any trouble. Especially after the Scottish Cup clash earlier this month.

The dates that are being discussed are Friday April 22 and Monday May 2. In addition, the game will be a lunchtime kick-off. Presumably this is to discourage all fans from drinking

Just a moment, is this still Scotland we are talking about…

Referee Hugh Dallas struck by coin thrown by a Celtic supporter during the 1999 title decider

However, in my opinion, no matter when and where an old firm game will take place, there will always be some trouble. Whether it’s a bad refereeing decision to spark the furore or a on-pitch flare up, it will be the same as most games that have gone before it – steeped in controversy.

If this fixture is in any way similar to that in May 1999, the government had better set the date for the summit just now…

All joking aside, I think that Friday April 22 will be the best date to hold the match, meaning that the old firm will be the first fixture of the split. It looks as if the title will still be up for grabs by then,  so it’s the best solution for me.

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